Neutraface Text Greek

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Schwartz Christian

Greek Version
Haratzopoulos Panayiotis

Suggested Usage
Print, Magazine, Company

Contains 8 weights

House Industries began the inter-disciplinary task of adapting sign lettering of architect Richard Neutra to typography by consulting with his son Dion Neutra and closely studying the archives of acclaimed photographer Julius Shulman. With limited source imagery, Christian Schwartz composed an entire alphabet and added a complementary lowercase which previously did not exist. An alternate font was also developed by following certain letter forms which often varied from building to building. The final Neutraface Display family includes five weights in regular and alternate variations and a unique titling font. The font family's architectural origins lent to its initial creation as a headline typeface. However, in the spirit of Richard Neutra's approach, a text version of Neutraface was conceived. Departing from the unusual proportions and stylized fashion of the display version, Neutraface Text features a larger x-height and increased contrast in its strokes for enhanced readability in lengthy passages. True to the International Style, Neutraface supports over two dozen languages including Central European writing systems. In Greek, Neutraface was designed by Panayiotis Haratzopoulos, initially for the magazine House & Garden of Liberis Publications. The difficulty for the design of Greek, was mainly focused on lowercase, considering their small x-height and their long ascenders. The retail version of Neutraface Greek has some designing alterations compared to the House & Garden first version including italic and Greek Polytonic sets.


Basic Latin

Greek Monotonic
Greek (Modern)

Greek Polytonic
Greek Old, Greek Modern

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  • AaBbCcDd...
  • Pangram (Greek)
  • Pangram (English)
  • (0123...)
  • Text
  • (Greek Monotonic)
  • (Greek Polytonic)
  • (English)
  • (French)
  • (German)
  • (Spanish)
  • (Turkish)
  • (Albanian)
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