end user licenses

User License

With every purchase of font or package the basic software licence is automatically granted.

Licenses vary depending on the company that owns the font.
Next to each font name, the company whose user license accompanies the sale is displayed.

Desktop License

For Desktop Publishing applications (publishing, printing, logo). The user acquires the right to install the fonts on his own workstations and at the maximum number defined by the license. Use of the fonts in logo, packaging or merchandise may require additional permission. OpenType files are provided. Read the full license.

Web License

For integration into websites installed on the client’s server. The website on which the fonts will be used is licensed and declared at purchase (including the main domain with related sub-domains). The license covers the number of monthly pageviews on average quarterly. WOFF & WOFF2 files are provided. The charge is once. Read the full license.


App License

For integration into Mobile Apps, OEM or eBooks. The App license period is annual, three-year, or five-year and provides the right to embed the font in one App. Read the full license.


Digital Ads - Social Media License

For use in digital ads, banners in social media, TV and cinema titles. The cost of the license depends on the number of impressions of the campaign. If impressions are not predetermined, a license with a small number of impressions can be purchased initially and upgraded after the campaign is completed at the end of the month. Read the full license.


Multi-User License

To extend the license on more computers, montlhy pageviews for Web fonts or usage years for App fonts, there is a specific multiplier that applies depending on the font and use. Please use price calculator in the shopping cart.


Corporate License

For companies and organizations where typography plays an important role in maintaining a strong brand identity and communication, a Corporate License can be purchased. Corporate License allows sharing the fonts to third parties (External Affiliates, Advertising, Printers, Developers, etc.) for use only in Client’s work. The Client name (eg CF Asty Client-Book) is added to the font name. Depending on the branding needs, it is possible to redesign or modify a number of characters to enhance the corporate image and identity of the Client. Please contact for more information.



At purchase, the font publisher company whose user license accompanies the sale is displayed.