Franklin Gothic ITC Hellenic

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Benton Morris Fuller

Greek Version
Karlopoulos Yiannis

Suggested Usage
Print, Magazine, Newspaper, Poster

Contains 6 weights

Created by ATF in 1904 and is the personal version of Morris Fuller Benton based on the heavy monolinear letters which were originally known in 1830 by Vincent Figgins. Franklin Gothic remains popular even after so many years of use. Initially a single weight was created, which was ultimately enriched by ATF with five more weights. Light and medium weights were never designed. But in 1979, with permission from ATF, ITC developed four new weights in roman and italic: book, medium, demi and heavy. Designed by Victor Caruso, the new weights of ITC matched the characteristics of the original font, but their x-height was slightly enlarged in lower cases. ITC Franklin Gothic also includes a slightly condensed set of lowercase letters.


Basic Latin

Greek Monotonic
Greek (Modern)

  • (ΑαΒβΓγΔδ...)
  • AaBbCcDd...
  • Pangram (Greek)
  • Pangram (English)
  • (0123...)
  • Text
  • (Greek Monotonic)
  • (Greek Polytonic)
  • (English)
  • (French)
  • (German)
  • (Spanish)
  • (Turkish)
  • (Albanian)
  • (Czech)
  • (Russian)
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