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4 Fonts | (140,00) € 90,00

Designer: Katsoulidis Takis

Greek Version: Katsoulidis Takis

Suggested Usage: Print,Book

Family: Contains 4 weights

They are the evolution of Elzevir where the curve dominates the straight line. The x-height of the lower case letters has grown substantially and this makes the letters more legible from small sizes. The Katsoulidis family was presented with Apollonia family after a study that began in 1986, as part of research programs in Universities, which along with the design lasted until 1989. The new version released in...

  • € 35,00
    Katsoulidis Regular

  • € 35,00
    Katsoulidis Italic

  • € 35,00
    Katsoulidis Bold

  • € 35,00
    Katsoulidis Bold Italic