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6 Fonts | € 200,00

Designer: Schwartz Christian

Greek Version: Haratzopoulos Panayiotis

Suggested Usage: Advertising,Print,Magazine,Poster

Family: Contains 6 weights

House Industries began the inter-disciplinary task of adapting sign lettering of architect Richard Neutra to typography by consulting with his son Dion Neutra and closely studying the archives of acclaimed photographer Julius Shulman. With limited source imagery, Christian Schwartz composed an entire alphabet and added a complementary lowercase which previously did not exist. An alternate font was also developed...

  • Neutraface Display Greek Thin

  • Neutraface Display Greek Light

  • Neutraface Display Greek Medium

  • Neutraface Display Greek Drafting

  • Neutraface Display Greek Bold

  • Neutraface Display Greek Titling