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3 Fonts | (255,00) € 200,00

Designer: Dupre Xavier

Greek Version: Haratzopoulos Panayiotis

Suggested Usage: Advertising,Invitation,Logotype,Packaging

Family: Contains 3 weights

According to the designer the font is ideal for use in packaging, especially for supermarkets. When used in the logo of a cream pudding or sausages, pet foods, softener or detergent, it exudes a warm and friendly feeling. TartineScript covers the need for the use of a beautiful yet heavy, manual font with the feeling of a brush that behaves just as well adding to the style of either a casual or a formal...

  • € 85,00
    Tartine Script FF Pro Regular

  • € 85,00
    Tartine Script FF Pro Bold

  • € 85,00
    Tartine Script FF Pro Black