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Schafer Ole

Greek Version
Haratzopoulos Panayiotis

Suggested Usage
Advertising, Magazine, Newspaper, Company

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Basis for Zine was a headline font made for a German newspaper (Sächsische Zeitung); in 1996/97, but it was only a starting point. Ole Schäfer completely re-drew the face, adjusting letter forms and adding weights. He also addressed something that has long been a problem in newspaper and magazine design, that of finding sans and serif faces that work together as headline fonts. His solution was to draw them all right from the start: serif, sans serif and slab serif (slab is not available in Greek);, effectively covering the entire spectrum. As display fonts, these Zines are best suited to headlines, sublines, titles, photo credits, etc., but set a little looser they are fine for text as well. Greek Zine Sans was designed to accompany Zine Serif originally designed for the newspaper "Apogevmatini." In TF files, apart from the tabular figures, alternative Greek characters are included that many designers prefer to use for newspapers and magazines headlines because of the limitation on ascenders and descender of the letters.


Basic Latin

Greek Monotonic
Greek (Modern)

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