3 Fonts | (135,00) € 95,00

Designer: Georgiou Vassilis,Karlopoulos Yiannis,Haratzopoulos Panayiotis

Suggested Usage: Advertising,Print,Packaging,Poster

Family: Contains 3 weights

CF REKLAMA, the second released typeface of the “Stella” project, is an attempt to translate the wiry stroke of the flat marker to typographic letters, while preserving the expressiveness of the script. The type was designed to work even in small sizes, but it’s idiosyncratic forms and some subtle details –such as the tear-like endings– become more interesting at large sizes. CF...

  • € 45,00
    Reklama CF Regular

  • € 45,00
    Reklama CF Bold

  • € 45,00
    Reklama CF Black